MuenSense is aimed to exploit multidisciplinary knowledge to make a better life. In the fields of industry automation, medical care including diagnostics, and intervention, better production quality and higher throughput make differences. A challenge in real life cannot be solved by single subject knowledge. Therefore we acquire multiphysical know-how in house along the years. We stemmed from Munich, and we want to bring the best of scientific advancements into real life all around the world.

This website is locally hosted on a Raspberry-Pi alternative single board computer (Rockchip 3328, Armbian Linux Bulleye). We used Nginx, MariaDb, WordPress to build the site. The same platform is also used to host a NAS. The DNS server is with Cloudflare. The dynamic DNS is updated from the local server using API to my DNS zone on Cloudflare.

About me

Hi there! I’m Yuanhui Huang. I do signal/image processing as profession and by training a physicist (technical Physics for bachelor, telecommunication for master, electrical and computer engineering for phd). I like building things. And I like more questions.

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